Situated in the heart of the Country at Wellesbourne in Stratford-on- Avon District, the University of Warwick Innovation Campus is a location with significant economic potential. It is already home to several cutting-edge and high-growth businesses. This includes Lotus Engineering and Rimac. A former agricultural campus, it is also home to some of the world’s most important life sciences research and innovation.

The University have long-term plans to seek to further realise the potential of the Campus as key location to bring together research and industry within an attractive rural location.

Working closely with the Council and the University of Warwick, Nexus Planning alongside Broadway Malyan helped to co-ordinate and lead a multi-disciplinary team associated with the production of a Framework Masterplan Supplementary Planning Document for the Innovation Campus. The Masterplan, establishes a number of principles covering Use, Form, Materials, Heights, Heritage, Landscape, Ecology and Movement within distinct character areas which reflect the constraints and opportunities within different parts of the Campus.  It was informed by extensive community engagement with University departments, members of the Community and key stakeholders.

The SPD was adopted by the Council on July 11th and will now form policy to help guide the future development of the Campus as a material consideration in determining future planning applications. It will provide an over-arching framework to guide the development of the Campus and underpin its growth. The Campus will drive innovation and collaboration between industry and academia. It will create thousands of highly skilled jobs, attracting new and exciting employers into Stratford and Warwickshire.