Our London office has successfully secured a resolution to grant planning permission for a new STEM building at Northwood College as well as an extension to the Schools current temporary accommodation after Hillingdon Borough unanimously voted in favour of both proposals.

The new building will deliver ten new science laboratories as well as a new high quality main entrance to Northwood College including an exhibition/ makes space which will host both schools and community groups. Extensive landscape enhancements are also included as part of the proposals. The proposal had to be carefully considered in the context of the sites constraints, including its location within the Northwood and Green Lane Conservation Area and proximity to adjacent locally listed buildings.

Following a refusal at planning committee in 2019, we worked alongside a new project team to address the Council’s concerns and produce a scheme that was fully supported by Hillingdon Planning Officers.

We continue to work on a number of GDST estates and are passionate about assisting them to provide enhanced facilities for their school pupils. Women are underrepresented in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) occupations, making up just 14% of all people working in Stem in the UK, despite being about half of the workforce. Providing better opportunities and facilities at secondary school level is a key to readdressing this imbalance. These are exciting times for girls. Age-old barriers are being broken down and opportunities are opening up like never before.