We were appointed by Farmglade Limited to prepare a planning application for a partially previously developed site in the Green Belt, located in the parish of Bray. The Site benefits from extant planning permission for 44 large houses. However, working closely with Farmglade, the consultant team and Officers at the Council we developed revised proposals for up to 127 dwellings, which drew stylistic inspiration from a Berkshire village vernacular.

Our Solutions

We were successfully able to demonstrate that the scheme presented an opportunity to make a more effective use of the site, delivering a significant increase in much needed homes in the Royal Borough and importantly, providing a greater proportion of smaller homes, reflecting local need. The proposals also included significant ecological and biodiversity improvements, a community facility and a significant proportion of open space.

Whilst it was accepted that the proposals, relative to existing site conditions, would result in harm to the openness of the Green Belt, we argued that the extant 44 dwelling scheme represented a viable fall-back to which substantial weight should given. It was proven that the proposals would not result in a greater impact upon the openness of the Green Belt than the extant planning permission, which amongst other benefits, was sufficient to convince Officers that material considerations outweighed any identified harm and accordingly, planning permission should be granted.

The Outcome

We successfully secured a resolution to grant outline planning permission for up to 127 dwellings after the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead’s Planning Committee unanimously voted in favour of the proposals.