We were commissioned by Test Valley Borough Council to undertake a wide-ranging innovative consultation exercise and prepare a Masterplan for the area described as ‘Land South of Romsey Town Centre’.

Our Solutions

We led a multi-disciplinary team of masterplanners and urban designers, movement consultants, commercial advisors and heritage consultants. The Masterplan was developed in close partnership with the community and other key stakeholders including those who are already committed to improving the vitality and viability of the wider town centre. Care was taken to provide engagement opportunities to appeal to the harder to reach groups such as young people, the elderly and those who do not traditionally participate in consultation events.

The consultation process included attendance at 15 public events including the Romsey Food Fest and the Romsey Show in order to reach as wide an audience as possible. Walk and Talk tours around the study area with local community members were undertaken, as well as interactive workshop sessions with local high schools.

We also participated in an innovative Citizens’ Assembly, which allowed us to delve into the lives of Romsey locals’ right from the outset. Through the Masterplanning process, the consultancy’s team learnt about locals’ everyday lives, the challenges they face and the opportunities they identified.

The Outcome

The adopted Masterplan focuses on developing a ‘Resilient Romsey’ – vital in today’s uncertain times – and with Romsey’s community firmly at its core. The South of Romsey Town Centre Masterplan includes a new square and flexible community space rights at its heart, alongside new retail and dining space and a new mobility hub – all of which are just some of the plans for the area around the existing bus station, Crosfield Hall and Broadwater Road over the next five to ten years.