Notting Hill and Ealing High School, Ealing Borough Council

Nexus Planning obtained planning permission for the construction of a new junior school building with Sixth form classrooms, including associated play spaces, landscaping and cycle parking, following the demolition of the existing junior school buildings. The proposal, which has sustainability at its heart, included the erection of a 3-storey temporary school building for use during the construction period.

Many of the existing school buildings were considered to be unsuitable due to their restrictive size and shape. The proposal therefore provided a fit-for-purpose school facility, improving upon the existing school accommodation.

Our Solutions

Careful consultation was required prior to and during the application period with adjacent residential occupiers that surround the site. The applicant was required to provide additional evidence to demonstrate that the proposal would not result in detrimental amenity impacts in terms of loss of light, privacy, outlook, overlooking and increased sense of enclosure.

The temporary teaching building’s location on part of the school’s rear playing fields required careful consultation and pre-application engagement with Sport England.
Due to programme pressures, negotiation was required with the local planning authority prior to determination to ensure that there were no conditions that would restrict development of the temporary teaching building from commencing as soon as possible.

The Outcome

A delegated decision approving the scheme was issued in March 2022. The new Junior school was delivered in just 18 months and officially opened in February 2024. Nexus continue to support the school with other planning matters.