Fareham Masterplan SPD

We were commissioned by Fareham Borough Council to assist officers in developing a Masterplan SPD to support the allocation of a broad location for housing growth in Fareham Town Centre in their draft Local Plan.

Our Solutions

Policy BL1, comprising a large area within Fareham Town Centre, was identified by the Council in the draft Local Plan for its potential to deliver up to 620 new homes in years 10-16 of the Local Plan period. In addition to new homes, development in this location would facilitate the renewal and redevelopment of the town centre, and the policy recognised the wider place making, economic regeneration and health benefits that a scheme could provide. The site covers an area of more than 10ha, and includes a range of important freeholders, leaseholders and other stakeholders. The Council is a key landowner of much of the site.

Given the range of stakeholders, we advised the Council to carry out stakeholder engagement meetings. Positive discussions were held with many of the Council’s leaseholders and other key freeholders, including the owners or Fareham Shopping Centre and Market Quay. Discussions were also held with the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, who operate the Police Station. The engagement element of the project demonstrated that important stakeholders with control over key sites with future redevelopment potential within the Town Centre were aligned with the aspiration of Policy BL1 and supported substantial growth in the town centre.

The Outcome

Ahead of the Council preparing a full Masterplan, we prepared a Position Statement that was used to justify the inclusion of draft Policy BL1 in the Draft Local Plan. The Statement carefully considered the suitability and capacity for the development proposed in the policy. The analysis included in the document demonstrated that alongside supportive stakeholders, there was a wide selection of opportunities within the area to deliver the Council’s aspirations for Fareham Town Centre.

In addition to preparing the Position Statement, we also supported the Council through the Local Plan Examination process, attending the relevant sessions. The Inspector confirmed that there was a reasonable prospect of the site coming forward for development, and the allocation will be carried through to the Local Plan being adopted.