Land at Woodlands Close / Hazel Close, Crawley Down

Over a period of years we were appointed by Gleeson Strategic Land to promote an area of greenfield land, located to the south of the village of Crawley Down in Mid Sussex District, for housing.

Our Solutions

Crawley Down is a small/medium-sized village and we agreed with our client that the prospects of success were better if the land was promoted as three separate, smaller parcels, rather than one much larger development.

As a consequence, we led multi-disciplinary professional teams in the production of separate outline planning applications for 46 homes, 51 homes and finally, two concurrent applications for 30 homes and 60 homes on the final land parcel (submitted over a period of months/years).

The Outcome

Mid Sussex District Council failed to determine, or refused, all of the submitted applications. As a consequence, all were subject to appeals and each was considered separately by way of a Public Inquiry. We gave planning expert evidence at all three Inquiries.

The appeals for the final concurrent applications on land to the south of Hazel Close (for 30 homes and 60 homes respectively) were called-in for consideration by the Secretary of State due to the conflict with the Crawley Down Neighbourhood Plan.

All of the appeals were ultimately allowed by the respective Inspectors and the Secretary of State.

The first two sites were sold to Miller Homes and have been successfully built out. The final site was sold to Taylor Wimpey and construction is underway.

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