Glynswood, High Wycombe

We were appointed by Inland Homes to promote this site located on the edge of High Wycombe in the former Wycombe District (now Buckinghamshire) through the emerging Local Plan.

Our Solutions

Whilst the site was on the edge of High Wycombe, the principal and most sustainable settlement in the District, it was in the Green Belt and Chilterns National Landscape.

We promoted the site through the emerging Local Plan, identifying how the site performed poorly against the purposes of including land in the Green Belt and how it did not constitute ‘major development’ in the National Landscape. The Council identified the site for release from the Green Belt with a capacity of 50 dwellings, which we supported through the Local Plan examination process.

We submitted a detailed planning application for 50 dwellings and received an officer recommendation for approval, only for the Planning Committee to overturn the recommendation and refuse the application.

We subsequently lodged an appeal but submitted a slightly amended detailed planning application in parallel. The presence of a live appeal provided sufficient pressure to ensure the Council worked with us in a timely manner to process the application and take it back to Planning Committee at the earliest opportunity.

The Outcome

The Planning Committee approved the revised planning application and we subsequently withdrew the appeal, without which we consider would have resulted in a much longer determination period.

The site was sold to a housebuilder and is currently under construction.

Image courtesy of OSP Architecture.