We led a multi-disciplinary team comprising economists, architects and engineers that prepared a successful Towns Fund bid for Clay Cross in North East Derbyshire. Clay Cross is a small town seeking to deal with an industrial legacy of economic exclusion and low skill and low wage levels, poor public health and a declining town centre.

Our Solutions

Working with the Clay Cross Town Board, we were able to build on a detailed understanding of the town to develop, test and challenge objectives and opportunities. As part of this, we also engaged with the community and stakeholders to develop a coherent Investment Plan for form the basis of the funding application.

As part of the overall town centre strategy, the plan is centred on maximising the potential of public assets, a skills and training agenda, and boosting physical and digital connectivity. A new leisure centre is also proposed. Key to the strategy was to develop a framework to unlock private sector investment and the entrepreneurial potential of the local community.

The Outcome

The team prepared a development strategy for the town to a tight timetable to provide a basis for the bid. Projects were worked up and an outline with delivery commitments sought from key partners.

Clay Cross was awarded £24 million, likely one of the highest per capita awards. We have been retained to assist in the development of business plans for key projects.

Image: Buttress Architects