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Unlocking Build to Rent

Unlocking Build to Rent

8th November 2016

Nexus Planning, in conjunction with Broadway Malyan, have undertaken research into the current position of the Private Rental Sector or ‘Built to Rent’.

Recognising the important role this sector plays, the report explores the current state of Build to Rent in the UK, with a particular focus on the London market, and the advantages that a strong Build to Rent sector can bring in terms of housing delivery, affordability and liveability. We look at the challenges facing the sector with regards to policy, viability and planning and ask how these can be overcome.

Our research into London Boroughs’ planning policies has revealed the varying positions taken on Build to Rent development across London and shown a potential way forward to ensure that Build to Rent can play a stronger role in delivering the housing we need.

Click here to read the report.