Nexus has been commissioned to prepare a Commercial Impact Assessment (CIA) to support an outline planning application for Green Ridge Resort -  a new 400-unit holiday resort in Newquay (Cornwall Council) by Kingsley Leisure Developments Ltd, working with CAD Architects and Axis. 

The CIA is an unusual document that typically does not feature on a local validation list, but is becoming more and more frequently requested by Councils as part of pre-application advice for certain schemes where economic impact is a concern. Or indeed by developers where demonstrating economic improvements is essential for swaying the planning balance.

 Looking especially at holiday accommodation schemes, Nexus has pioneered the production of comprehensive CIAs, which in turn is suitable and sufficient to feed into EIA Socio-economic Assessment.

 The CIA for Kingsley Leisure Developments specifically looks to the economic drivers for the proposal (demand) and the likely impact the proposal would have on the existing holiday park facilities.

 We have looked at the national demand factors such as the economic drivers which include the government’s agenda to “bring back better” domestic tourism; the rise in demand for staycations (in preference over holidays abroad) driven by increased cost of living and uncertain economic times; and the revival of the holiday park breaks as more luxurious and up-market experience. We have analysed the local geography of Cornwall, its economy and the offer of existing holiday park facilities. The impact of the proposal was then assessed based on its turnover and the calculated diversion of trade.

 Nexus also produced the ES: Socio-Economics and Human Health chapter which discusses other direct and indirect socio-economic benefits of the proposal, such as job creation and an increase in GVA.