On behalf of Stage Fifty, we are thrilled to have submitted a planning application to Buckinghamshire Council for the development of a film studios near High Wycombe. Wycombe Film Studios will comprise an eight stage facility for the world’s top film and TV production companies. The proposals include the permanent retention of 1 sound stage which secured a resolution to grant in June 2022 along with further new development involving an additional 7 sound stages, 10 workshops, 4 production buildings, 1 rehearsal building, ancillary offices, cafe and associated infrastructure..

This proposal will help address the current shortage of film / TV production facilities within the UK and create a substantial number of benefits for the local area. It is estimated in the region of 750 direct jobs in the film and production sector will be created as a result of the development, with a further 450 indirect jobs supported in the supply chain. This will range from the patronage of local shops, restaurants, hotels and building merchants to the demand for specialist services such as make-up artists, security firms and carpenters. Further to this, Stage Fifty is creating the Academy of Creative and Technical Arts which will provide up to 25 practical work placements each year for people from the local area with an interest in the creative industries.

It is estimated that Wycombe Film Studios will generate £28m construction economic output GVA and up to £305m operational economic output GVA. Much of these very significant economic benefits will be experienced in the local area, as research shows that approximately 60% of production budgets are locally spent.

This scheme represents an exciting opportunity for the Wycombe area and we look forward to working together with Stage Fifty and Buckinghamshire Council to secure planning approval.