The Project

Appointed by the multi-agency Hatfield Renewal Partnership Board, we managed a multi-disciplinary team of designers, architects and property consultants to produce the Hatfield New Town Renewal Framework. Hatfield is the smallest of the planned new towns, suffering from an ageing housing stock and an outdated town centre. The project involved working closely alongside Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council, Hertfordshire Local Economic Partnership and the University of Hertfordshire.

Our Solutions

Our team developed the working brand Hatfield 2030+ to enable a plan focused on the long term growth and regeneration of the town and the town centre. This major commission involved large scale consultation in order to determine a strategy defined and supported by the community and local stakeholders. Our team of consultants developed a Renewal Framework and Delivery Plan outlining projects ranging from small-scale public realm initiatives to significant infrastructure investments across the town.

A key element of the Renewal Framework for Hatfield was town centre regeneration. Our strategy was formulated around the delivery of a multi-storey car park to release surface parking sites, enabling the introduction of a significant residential development offer alongside a renewal of the retail core, public realm and traffic management.

The Outcome

This Renewal Framework initiative continues to be progressed and the Council is progressing the revitalisation of Hatfield town centre with a £1.2m revamp of White Lion Square underway.

Hatfield 2030+ was shortlisted in the 2019 Planning Awards for partnership working.