The Project

We were appointed by Tandridge District Council to deliver a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) for Caterham Town Centre, leading a team of property, transport and design consultants. The SPD, now adopted, will enhance the commercial core of Caterham Valley Town Centre and make complementary changes to Caterham-on-the-Hill. Extensive community input has been essential in securing buy-in to proposals and building on the Neighbourhood Plan and Local Plan engagement processes.

Our Solutions

Our team was responsible for the overall direction of the project and the management of a close working relationship with Tandridge District Council, key landowners and primary community stakeholders. Testing the feasibility and viability of development proposals was a key part of developing the overall strategy, as well as coordinated consultations and extensive public engagement.

The Outcome

Our proposals establish an appropriate and viable approach to enhance the quality of the town centre in terms of its leisure, retail, business and community offering, whilst also creating an attractive and sustainable public environment. Distinct strands consider major development opportunities, public realm and transport improvements alongside a range of supporting projects.