The Project

We were appointed to prepare a Growth Assessment report for the District of Bradford. The purpose of the Study was to inform the preparation of the Local Plan and identify sustainable locations for new developments.

Our Solutions

Whilst co-ordinating a multi-disciplinary team, our approach to the Growth Assessment comprised of two key strands: directions for future growth and sustainability testing of potential Green Belt sites. In discovering directions for future growth, we undertook a detailed assessment of the area and identified and mapped areas of relatively unconstrained land. To undertake our sustainability testing of potential Green Belt sites, we subjected the land to a series of environmental, social and economic sustainability testing criteria. In doing so, we were able to provide much needed insight on the potential of the land to accommodate future growth.

The Outcome

The final report has provided the Council with a robust evidence base that has been successful in supporting it through the examination process.

The Growth Assessment report identified a range of potential sites for development which will be subject to more detailed analysis as part of the Council’s ongoing growth project. The Study also helped inform the decisions made by the Local Planning Authority in its Core Strategy and Allocations Development Plan.