The framework for leadership

Our core values

Whilst the work we carry out for clients is extremely varied in terms of the development sectors and geographies in which we are active, we have five core values that provide a fixed point of reference for the way that we operate and behave.

Inclusive, collaborative & fair

We draw upon specialist skills and knowledge, wherever they sit within our business, to deliver the best results. We encourage ideas and involvement from colleagues at all levels and work to understand our clients' needs, working in partnership to deliver the best outcomes.

Supportive & empowering

Continuous professional development for all colleagues is expected and supported. This is individually tailored and is targeted and focussed. We strive to continually develop and actively promote a culture of succession – tomorrow’s Directors are within our business today.

Innovative, tenacious & solutions driven

We are reliable and deliver on our commitments, utilising creative problem-solving to overcome barriers for clients. All colleagues are accountable to themselves, the client, their team and the company.


We are planning experts and are deeply passionate about we do. We instil in our teams the key values of passion, determination and perseverance.

Environmentally & socially responsible

We are committed to doing our bit to protect the Planet, both through our consultancy work and by reducing our carbon footprint and that of our supply chain.

We strive to be a good corporate citizen, creating social value in the way we manage our business, support our team and engage with our clients and communities.