We work on a wide variety of projects across the UK for both public and private sector clients.  A selection of some of our recent / current projects is set out below.

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Addlestone Town Centre Redevelopment

Client: Bouygues Development
Scheme: 213 dwellings, 7,000 sq m of retail, cinema and hotel

Nexus planning has prepared and submitted a detailed planning application for the comprehensive mixed use redevelopment, spread over two phases, of a large site in Addlestone town centre. The site is predominantly owned by Runnymede Borough Council and the applicant (Bouygues Development) has entered into a development agreement with the Council to bring forward this ambitious scheme.

Nexus has worked very closely with the applicant to co-ordinate a consistent approach on a wide range of planning issues. These include the interrelated matters of air quality, transport and noise, in a constrained urban area. This has been against the background of a tight timetable for the client to start construction to meet their corporate objectives.

The planning application is supported by an environmental statement, which has been prepared by Nexus Planning, which covers socioeconomic, transport and air quality impacts.

The development will deliver many significant regeneration benefits to Addlestone and will invigorate and revitalise the town centre. These will include enhancing retail and leisure provision, increasing spending by new residents and hotel guests, delivering much needed housing, and providing a high quality public realm with a new permeable street network.

Construction work is due to start in early 2015.

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Land South of Thame, Oxfordshire

Client: Commercial Estates Group
Scheme: Major Residential Development

Nexus Planning secured planning permission in June 2014 for outline proposals for the development of up to 175 new homes on land south of Thame in Oxfordshire, on behalf of Commercial Estates Group. This is the first approval in the UK for a housing site allocated through a Neighbourhood Plan process and the Thame Neighbourhood Plan itself, which was endorsed at a referendum in May 2013, was the first Neighbourhood Plan in the UK to allocate sites for development.

Nexus Planning, Commercial Estates Group and its professional team worked closely with both Thame Town Council and South Oxfordshire District Council to secure this permission, and the development will in due course deliver much-needed housing and affordable housing in a high quality and locally-responsive new development.

Image: Illustrative Masterplan by Civic Studio.

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Client: Commercial Estates Group
Scheme: Major Residential Development

Nexus Planning, acting as planning and lead consultant, are promoting land at Nicker Hill in Keyworth, Nottinghamshire for housing as part of both the emerging Keyworth Neighbourhood Plan and Rushcliffe local plan process.

The site is currently located within the Green Belt, but the emerging local plan has established that exceptional circumstances exist to review the Green Belt to meet the Borough’s identified housing needs and demand. The indicative proposals for the site comprise up to 170 homes, 56 extra care homes, as well as public open space including new community allotments, a mini country park and further hard and soft landscaping.

Image: Framework block layout by Broadway Malyan.

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BP Sunbury

BP Sunbury, Building E
International Centre for Business
& Technology

Client: BP International Limited
Scheme: Planning permission for workplace building and parking

As retained planning and masterplanning consultants on the BP ICBT site, Nexus Planning secured detailed planning permission for the latest phase of the ICBT site re-development, comprising a new four storey workplace building of 10,000 sq.m and 256 parking spaces.

Nexus Planning provided planning advice to BP International Limited and project managed the entire planning process, including public engagement and co-ordination of the design team, led by Scott-Brownrigg Architects.

The planning permission was granted 10 weeks after submission without the imposition of any s.106 planning obligations or pre-commencement conditions. Nexus Planning has a continuing role advising BP on its planning strategy on this site.


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Landmark office building in Northampton

Client: Northamptonshire County Council
Scheme: Office building including new public square and café

Nexus Planning, in collaboration with BDP, has obtained a resolution to grant planning permission from Northampton Borough Council for a detailed application to construct a new landmark office building (circa 21,500 sq m) including a new public square, café and other commercial uses, on behalf of Northamptonshire County Council.

The scheme is part of the Northampton Alive regeneration programme and will bring some 2,000 professional workers and £12 million additional spend to Northampton’s town centre economy. The historic town centre location required a careful design solution. The new building will be a significant landmark on a currently underused site. The development will provide the anchor to a wider strategic vision for both the town centre and the operation of Northamptonshire County Council’s business.

The resolution to grant was achieved within only 10 weeks of submitting the application and followed an extensive pre-application programme. This involved engagement with local stakeholders, statutory bodies and the general public. Also, a public exhibition, neighbourhood consultation event and regular meetings with officers and members at Northampton Borough Council. It is an excellent example of how frontloading engagement with all parties can deliver planning permission for a major development in a short period of time.

Image courtesy of BDP.

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St Anns

St Ann’s Hospital, Haringey, London

Client: Barnet, Enfield and Haringey NHS Mental Health Trust
Scheme: 470 homes and a major new healthcare facility

Nexus Planning has submitted a hybrid planning application for the regeneration of the 11 hectare site of St Ann’s Hospital in Haringey. The scheme, which is currently the largest project in the borough, comprises the re-development and consolidation of a late 19th century hospital and will provide 470 houses and flats, many of which will be suitable for families, including some affordable homes, a shop, and 55,000 sq ft of new healthcare facilities.

Nexus Planning is providing the planning and project management consultancy advice. It also co-ordinated the preparation of the Environmental Statement.

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Burgess Hill

Burgess Hill Northern Arc, Sussex

Client: Rydon Homes, Wates Development, Gleeson Development
Scheme: 3,500 dwelling mixed use strategic urban extension

The Nexus Planning team has recently secured the allocation of this major strategic site in the Submission Mid Sussex District Local Plan. The concept of bringing together three major developers in the promotion of a comprehensive growth area for this Sussex town was presented to the local town council in advance of the government’s ‘Localism’ agenda.  Strong partnership working with town and district councillors and officers culminated in local community and political support for this new urban quarter.  Planning applications for the phased implementation of the development are currently being prepared.

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Basing View, Basingstoke

Client: Muse Developments Ltd
Scheme: Regeneration of 2.0 hectare business park

Nexus Planning is the retained planning consultant to Muse Developments Limited in relation to its joint venture partnership with Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council, which is aimed at transforming Basing View into a 21st Century business park and the premier office location for Basingstoke and the M3 corridor.

Basing View is a 2.0 hectare business park which was established in the 1970’s to coincide with the planned major expansion of Basingstoke. It currently provides 90,000sqm of commercial office floorspace. Occupiers include the national HQ of the Automobile Association, ENI and Thales UK.

However, in spite of its excellent transport accessibility, proximity to Basingstoke town centre and prestigious range of occupiers, the aging building stock, competition, lack of investment in the public realm and the economic recession have resulted in a decline in occupancy and employment levels, a tired appearance and lack of market appeal, which the JV partnership is aimed to address.

Our role in assisting the long term regeneration of Basing View is a varied one. Since the JV partnership was established in 2013, we have submitted to the Council for approval a revised masterplan framework and have secured planning permission for a £3million package of public realm improvements as well as taking an overview on behalf of the JV partners of a detailed application for a 7,000 sq m combined John Lewis and Waitrose store, which was granted permission. Future work will include the preparation of a Basing View supplementary planning document and project managing individual planning applications for a wide range of development projects, including mixed use, commercial office, residential, retail and leisure.

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Chester Road, Whitchurch

Client: Hollins Strategic Land
Scheme: Development of up to 57 homes on land in Whitchurch

Nexus Planning has been retained by Hollins Strategic Land LLP to advise on a number of residential development schemes. In Whitchurch, Nexus Planning has co-ordinated the submission of an outline planning application on land at Chester Road. The site lies to the north west of the town centre and extends to 2.25 hectares. Whilst the site has not been identified in the emerging site allocations DPD, a robust planning case has been presented reflecting the lack of a five year land supply and the site’s sustainable location.

The application is being progressed in parallel with comments on the emerging site allocations DPD (known as SAMDev) raising, amongst other things, the mismatch between core strategy policies and the distribution of housing across the county and lack of certainty of deliverability, in part due to a lack of allocations and an over-reliance on unidentified sites.

Image: Proposed masterplan by Grant Erskine Architects.


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Chatham Place, Reading

Client: Muse Developments
Scheme: Town planning and project management of a £250m mixed use scheme that forms part of Reading’s ‘2020 Vision’

The project forms a key element of Reading’s ‘2020 Vision’ for the town centre, providing a deck over the Inner Distribution Road to link the site into the existing core of the town thus extending the town centre as a catalyst for regeneration of the wider area. Detailed approval for phase 1 and outline permission for future  phases providing in excess of one million square feet was achieved within the 16 week determination period. This was achieved as a consequence of excellent stakeholder and public engagement throughout the pre-application process to mitigate concerns. The completed development, as a whole, will comprise residential, community facilities, retail, leisure and multi-storey car park focused upon new public spaces and streets. The first phase of this project was completed in 2012.

We were subsequently retained by MUSE as planning consultants on Phase 2, comprising two residential tower blocks (at 19 storeys, the tallest in Reading), ground floor retail and a new public square. Construction on Phase 2 commenced in March 2013.



Southwark Training Centre

Client: London Fire Brigade / Dron & Wright
Scheme: Assessment of Development Potential

Southwark Training Centre was declared surplus to operational requirements at the end of 2013 as part of London Safety Plan 5. This is a large and complex site which includes offices, training areas, a fire station and a museum. Many of the buildings on site are listed. Nexus Planning have provided advice to the London Fire Brigade on the planning and listed building issues associated with the site, and the potential for, and planning issues associated with, the development / re-use of the site. This work is informing the disposal process.


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Boundary Mill Stores, Colne

Client: RB Business Park Ltd
Scheme: 9,000 sq m out of centre retail

Nexus Planning was appointed to manage an outline planning application for a 9,000 sq m retail development comprising garden centre, outdoor clothing sales and farm shop on an out of centre site at Junction 14 on the M65 in Colne, Lancashire. The development includes a major new roundabout on the A6068 and works to the Junction 14, M65. The greenfield site is adjacent to the M65 as well as a local nature reserve and contains a number of trees which are subject to TPOs.

Nexus Planning managed the application; prepared the retail assessment; design and access statement; and planning statement and negotiated heads of terms for both the s106 and s278. Nexus also negotiated favourable planning conditions to facilitate an early start to development and to define the nature of goods to be sold. Nexus Planning was supported by architectural practice, Campbell Driver Partnership.

Nexus Planning demonstrated that the development would not have an adverse impact on the vitality of local centre and presented a strong economic development case in favour of the proposals. The application was referred to the Secretary of State as a departure due to it scale and out of centre location, but was not called in.

The development will be operated by Boundary Mill, the UK’s largest mill store retailer, and the planning decision marks a major addition to Boundary Mill’s flagship retail outlet at Colne.

Image courtesy of Campbell Driver Partnership.




Land South of the M27, Rownhams, Hampshire

Client: Commercial Estates Group
Scheme: Major Residential Development

Nexus Planning, acting as planning and lead consultant, are promoting land south of the M27 in Rownhams, Hampshire for housing as part of the emerging Test Valley local plan process. Given the sustainability of the site, and the unmet need for housing in the area, a planning application was submitted in spring 2014 for the development of up to 350 new homes, together with new allotments, open space and a community orchard. Discussions with the Council are ongoing.

Image: Illustrative masterplan by FPCR Environment and Design Ltd.

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Chichester sketch plan

Land South of Madgwick Lane, Chichester

Client: Commercial Estates Group
Scheme: Major Residential Development

Nexus Planning, acting as planning and lead consultant, are currently promoting land to the north east of Chichester for the development of up to 1,000 new homes through the emerging Chichester local plan process. Part of the land has been allocated in the emerging local plan and an application for this area, comprising up to 350 new homes, was submitted in April 2014. We are currently working with the Council and relevant stakeholders to deliver a high quality new development and much needed new housing.

Image: Illustrative Layout by Adam Architecture.

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Anytime Fitness

Client: Anytime Fitness
Scheme: Change of use applications

Nexus Planning is preferred planning consultant to Anytime Fitness, a gym operator which has the largest fitness franchise in the world and over 2,300 clubs globally.

We have assisted Anytime Fitness on more than 25 sites across all parts of England, obtaining the necessary planning and advertisement approvals in every instance. Nexus Planning’s ability to develop an efficient, streamlined and cost effective process to deliver planning consent has enabled us to support Anytime Fitness in their ambitious rollout plans for the UK over the last two years.

Image: Anytime Fitness, Winchester.