Retail, Leisure and Town Centres

As a leading expert in delivering competitive town centres, we provide an innovative multidisciplinary approach. This has put our team at the forefront of breathing new life and investment into town centres.

Our projects have a common theme: a focus on delivery. It is our success in achieving this that has allowed us to succeed in the field.

The retail industry constantly evolves to keep pace with customer demands. Planning supports this efficient, competitive and innovative sector whilst promoting a mix of uses and enhancing the existing retail hierarchy by focusing development in town centres and by encouraging the availability of a wide range of services in locations which are accessible to all parts of the community.

We are one of the few planning consultancies to specialise in providing the full range of analytical support to the retail planning market. We offer not just the ability to guide retail developments through discussions with our clients, project teams, Planning Officers and key stakeholders, but also a depth of service to provide the full range of quantitative and qualitative assessment methodologies. We utilise these to justify the key arguments and to support development schemes or evidence based documents through to a successful outcome.

We also have an excellent track record of preparing retail and leisure studies to assist Council’s in their preparation of the evidence base required to support emerging Local Plans. These studies include a detailed quantitative assessment of retail and leisure capacity over the plan period, as well as a review of the vitality and viability of designated centres.

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