The Project

We were commissioned to provide a planning strategy and ongoing planning advice for a mixed-use tower scheme in the London Borough of Wandsworth, providing an attractive mix of residential and commercial uses, as well as public realm improvements.

Our Solutions

Despite being constrained in terms of layout and surrounding land uses, we led a multi-disciplinary team to ensure the development of an optimal pre-application process. This included engaging viability and transport consultants to ensure that any issues were addressed at an early stage. Through a series of meetings with Council officers, we were able to obtain pre-application support for the principle of the scheme.

The Outcome

We have provided ongoing planning advice, identified and addressed questions raised during the pre-application process to assist the developer with the sale of the development opportunity. Having proactively engaged with the Council prior to submitting an application, we have garnered support and enhanced the likelihood of a successful application for the developer that will take the site forward.