The Project

We were commissioned by CEG to submit a planning application for 151 dwellings in Keyworth, Nottinghamshire. The scheme includes 20 affordable units, as well as open space, allotments and a children’s play area which will provide significant benefits to the Keyworth area and wider Borough.

Our Solutions

The application site is included as a ‘preferred housing site’ in the Keyworth Neighbourhood Plan and was proposed for Green Belt release through the Local Plan Part 2 (subsequently adopted). Considering the sites location within the Green Belt at the time of submission, the application was accompanied by a Very Special Circumstances report, which clearly demonstrated that the material considerations in favour of the proposed development outweigh any perceived harm to the Green Belt.

The Outcome

We successfully secured a resolution to grant outline planning permission after Rushcliffe Borough Council unanimously voted in favour of the proposal. Outline planning permission was granted in September 2019 following the completion of a S.106 agreement. The Site has subsequently been sold to a developer.