The Project

Working closely with Arun District Council, we were appointed to promote a 700-dwelling scheme adjacent to Angmering as part of a new Local Plan for the area. In tandem with the Local Plan promotion work, we were also appointed to submit two major planning applications designed to respond to the District’s housing shortfall.

Our Solutions

Our work primarily involved closely co-ordinating the project team in preparation of the necessary technical work. In addition, we liaised with the Council and other important stakeholders, represented the submissions at Local Plan hearings and submitted all necessary representations in response to Local Plan consultations.

During the course of preparing the planning application we continued to work closely with the relevant stakeholders and the local community an element that we saw as important to this project.

The Outcome

The Local Plan was adopted in 2018 and included the North Angmering Allocation. Following the submission of our two outline planning applications, permission has been granted for the smaller 175 unit scheme with a resolution to grant for the scheme of 525 units.